Moving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting adventure but also a stressful experience, especially if you’re moving with pets. Pets, like humans, can become anxious and stressed during the moving process. To help make your move as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled this essential guide with tips, tricks, and advice for moving with your furry friends. Let’s dive in!

Before the Move

  • Visit the Vet

Before embarking on your move, it’s crucial to take your pet to the veterinarian for a thorough check-up. Make sure they’re up-to-date on vaccinations, and get a copy of their medical records. If you’re moving to California as a remote worker, for example, you’ll need to comply with the state’s pet regulations.

  • Research Your New Neighborhood

Take the time to research your new neighborhood and identify pet-friendly amenities like parks, pet stores, and veterinarians. LA Moving Star offers detailed information on the cities we serve, including pet-friendly locations such as Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

  • Update Your Pet’s ID

Update your pet’s ID tags with your new address and contact information. Consider microchipping your pet, as it offers an extra layer of security in case they get lost during the move.

Preparing for the Move

  • Create a Pet Moving Checklist

A moving checklist tailored to your pet’s needs will help you stay organized throughout the move. Include tasks like purchasing a pet carrier, packing pet essentials, and scheduling pet-friendly accommodations.

  • Invest in a Quality Pet Carrier

Invest in a high-quality pet carrier, ensuring it’s the appropriate size for your pet. For tips on how to move with cats, check out our guide on moving with cats.

  • Pack a Pet Essentials Bag

Pack a bag with your pet’s essentials, such as food, water, medications, toys, and bedding. This will help make your pet more comfortable during the move and ease their transition to the new home.

Moving Day

  • Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure

On a moving day, keep your pet in a quiet, secure area, such as a bathroom or a bedroom. Place a sign on the door to ensure movers know there’s a pet inside. LA Moving Star offers various moving services, and we understand the importance of keeping your pet safe during the move.

  • Prepare for Travel

If you’re driving to your new home, take breaks for your pet to stretch, drink water, and use the bathroom. If you’re flying, research airline pet policies and ensure your pet carrier meets its requirements.

Moving Day

  • Keep Your Pet Safe and Comfortable

On a moving day, set up a designated safe space for your pet, away from the hustle and bustle. This could be a quiet room or a crate with their favorite toys, bedding, and some food and water.

  • Hiring a Professional Moving Service

When it comes to moving with pets, hiring a professional moving service can help alleviate stress. Choose a reputable company like LA Moving Star to handle your move efficiently and safely. They offer a range of services, including long-distance moving, packing services, and labor-only moving services.

Settling Into Your New Home

  • Establish a Routine

Once you’ve moved into your new home, try to establish a routine for your pet as soon as possible. Consistency will help them adapt to their new environment.

  • Pet-Proof Your New Home

Pet-proof your new home by checking for hazards, such as toxic plants, loose wires, or small objects that could be a choking hazard.

  • Explore Your New Neighborhood

Take the time to explore your new neighborhood with your pet. If you’re moving to Los Angeles, check out the best beach towns near Los Angeles or the top 10 hidden gems to explore after moving to Los Angeles.

Helping Your Pet Adjust to Their New Home

  • Provide Familiar Items

Surround your pet with familiar items such as their bed, toys, and blankets to help them feel more comfortable in their new environment. The scent of these belongings will provide a sense of familiarity and security.

  • Create a Safe Space

Create a dedicated space for your pet in your new home where they can retreat if they feel overwhelmed. This could be a quiet room, a corner, or a crate with their favorite belongings.

  • Gradual Introduction to the New Space

Introduce your pet to their new home gradually. Start by allowing them to explore one room at a time, slowly expanding their access to the rest of the house. This will help them feel less overwhelmed and more confident in their new surroundings.

  • Positive Reinforcement

Reward your pet with treats, praise, and affection as they explore and adapt to their new home. This will help reinforce their confidence and create positive associations with the new environment.

  • Monitor Your Pet’s Behavior

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior during the first few weeks after the move. Look for signs of stress or anxiety, such as excessive barking, hiding, or changes in appetite. If you notice any concerning behaviors, consult your veterinarian for advice on how to address the issue.

  • Socialize Your Pet

Introduce your pet to their new neighbors, both human, and animal. Arrange playdates or take your pet to a local dog park to help them socialize and form new friendships. Socializing will also help your pet become familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of their new neighborhood.

  • Be Patient

Remember that it may take some time for your pet to adjust to its new home. Be patient and understanding during this transition period, providing plenty of love and reassurance.

Additional Moving Tips

  • Travel Arrangements

Suppose your move requires air travel. Research airline pet policies well in advance, as each airline, has different requirements. Make sure you have an appropriate pet carrier and any necessary paperwork, such as a health certificate or proof of vaccination.

  • Pet-Friendly Hotels

If your move requires an overnight stay in a hotel, be sure to book pet-friendly accommodation. Many hotels and motels now offer pet-friendly rooms, but it’s essential to reserve one in advance.

By following these tips and being attentive to your pet’s needs, you can make the moving process as stress-free as possible for both you and your furry family members. Remember, with a little patience and planning. Your pet will soon feel right at home in its new environment.


Moving with pets doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By planning ahead, choosing the right moving company, and following these tips and tricks, you can ensure a smooth transition for both you and your furry friends. Remember, the key is to be patient and understanding with your pets as they adjust to their new environment.

For more information on moving with pets and other moving-related topics, check out the LA Moving Star blog. And if you’re ready to move, get in touch with LA Moving Star for a seamless moving experience.



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