Our main focus is your journey during the long-distance moves so that you can take a moment and fully enjoy your new home

The world has significantly changed due to COVID-19 that hit our lives and a lot of people started working remotely as there was no point of living in Urban cities anymore and even more people reunited with their families so they had to move to a new place that’s hundreds of miles away, so a question comes related to all your belongings as who would take care of moving those to that new home, do not worry at LA Moving Star we got your back and will assure to have it moved to that new place safely and on time.

We can see a huge demand recently for long-distance moves going from anywhere in Los Angeles to the Bay Area and San Diego compared to the years before 2020. Those are not just residential moves but also a lot of businesses move in and out Los Angeles for their commercial moves. It’s pretty common these days for people to move from coast to coast across in USA.

LA Moving Star is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured moving company that has a strong safety record for years so your long-distance moving would be in good hands if you proceed with LA Moving Star and completely hassle-free.

Should you proceed with Combined Services (Brokers) or Dedicated moving for your long-distance move?

Unlike most of the moving companies LA Moving Star only provided a dedicated truck for your long-distance moving service with the assigned crew and a fully equipped truck. We do not ever combine belongings from your move with other companies’ moves which simply means one truck = one load and unload.

The word dedicated in this context means having your own assigned truck and moving crew in order to avoid any sort of extra loading or unloading from and to the truck that’s used for your move, so we make it 100% exclusive from start to finish no matter where it goes. Dedicated moving service is way more reliable compared with combined service that’s normally handled by moving brokers that do not really care how it would be handled and they are not going to take any sort of responsibility in case you have any dents, scratches, missing items, or long delays.

So whenever you choose a dedicated moving service you do not have to worry about all those issues because your assigned and dedicated moving team would perform all the packing, reassembling, loading, unloading, and unpacking required for that particular move on 1 truck and only your items will be taken care of and never mixed up with anybody else’s.