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Moving can be a big change for everyone involved, including your beloved feline companion. While you may be busy with tasks like packing boxes, booking movers, updating calendars, and saying goodbye, your cat may not be as excited about the transition.

Cats are creatures of habit and change can be stressful for them. The unfamiliar sights smell and sounds of a new home can cause anxiety and distress in cats. Additionally, the actual process of moving can be stressful for cats. They may feel trapped and confined in their carriers, and the noise and chaos of moving day can be overwhelming.

To help ease your cat’s stress, there are several things you can do:

  • Establish a routine as soon as possible after moving. Feeding and playing with your cat at the same time every day can help them feel more secure.
  • Provide a safe and quiet space for your cat. Set up a small room or area with familiar items like their bed, toys, and litter box. This will be a space where they can retreat to and feel safe.
  • Gradually introduce your cat to their new home. Start with a small room or area and gradually allow them to explore the rest of the house as they feel comfortable.

Cats can be traumatized from moving. Moving can be a traumatic experience for cats, especially if they are already anxious or stressed. It’s important to take steps to minimize the stress your cat may experience during the move and to provide them with a calm and supportive environment in their new home.

The amount of time it takes a cat to adjust to a move varies depending on the cat and the circumstances of the move. Some cats may adjust within a few days, while others may take several weeks. It’s important to be patient and understanding during this time and to provide your cat with the support they need to feel comfortable in their new home.

Cats can become depressed after a move. This is especially true if they are already anxious or stressed or if they are having difficulty adjusting to their new surroundings. Symptoms of depression in cats may include changes in appetite, increased lethargy, and decreased interest in play or other activities.

To make a move as stress-free as possible for both you and your small furry friend, here are some tips to consider before, during, and after your relocation.

Before the move begins

We completely understand that moving to a new home can be a challenging experience, not just for you but also for your furry friend. To ensure a smooth and stress-free transition for both you and your cat, here are some important steps to take before your move:

  • Update microchip information: To keep your cat safe and easily trackable, make sure to update their microchip information with your new address as soon as possible.
  • Get veterinary records and travel advice: If you are moving to a new area, it’s essential to bring along your cat’s medical records to their new veterinarian. You can also discuss any recommendations or calming aids to support your pet during the move.
  • Maintain routine and introduce new items: Try to keep your cat’s routine as normal as possible, but introduce new items such as moving boxes ahead of time to help them adjust to the changes.
  • Get familiar with the cat carrier and car rides: Transporting your cat in a secure carrier is crucial. Start acclimating them to the carrier ahead of time, making it a comfortable and enjoyable space with toys, padding, and treats. Gradually get them used to car rides as well.

During the move

As LA Moving Star, we understand that moving can be a stressful time, not only for you but also for your furry friend. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth and comfortable move for your cat during the process:

  • Offer a light meal: On moving day, a nervous stomach can be common for both humans and cats. It’s best to feed your cat a light meal before they are transported to their new home.
  • Ensure safety and security: With frequent movement in and out of your home, it’s important to keep your cat in a separate room with their essentials (water, bed, food, and toys) so they can feel relaxed and secure during the move.
  • Securely pack your cat in the carrier: After you’ve handled your belongings, it’s time to focus on getting you and your pet safely to your new home. Accustoming your cat to their carrier in advance will make this step much easier. During transportation, it’s best to keep the carrier closed to minimize stress for your pet and prevent any unexpected escapes.

After you arrive to your new place

As LA Moving Star, a professional moving company, we recommend the following once you arrive at your new location:

  • Ensure a safe environment for your cat. Before granting your feline friend full access to your new space, it’s essential to eliminate any potential hazards. This may involve a thorough cleaning, especially if previous pet owners lived in the same space. This step is critical as cats are sensitive to unfamiliar scents and may become stressed.
  • Gradually introduce them to the new surroundings. Designate a specific area for your cat’s essentials, such as food, water, bed, and toys, to create a safe and familiar spot. Your cat may become overwhelmed in a new environment, so allowing them to explore and adjust at their own pace is key. Building their confidence by spending quality time with them in their designated safe spot is also recommended.
  • Establish a litter box location. Choosing a fixed location for the litter box can provide your cat with a sense of stability during the adjustment period. You may consider placing a secondary box in a central area of your home to ease the transition. Once your cat becomes more comfortable, you can remove the secondary box.
  • Contact your new vet if necessary. If your cat appears stressed and fearful more than a few weeks after settling in, it’s a good idea to reach out to your new veterinarian for additional advice and support. They can help ensure your feline friend feels at home in their new surroundings.

In conclusion, moving with a cat can be stressful for both you and your furry friend. By taking steps to minimize stress and providing a supportive environment in your new home, you can help your cat adjust smoothly to their new surroundings. If you are moving in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas, LA Moving Star is here to help make the process as stress-free as possible for you and your cat. Contact us today for a free quote.



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This was our first time using a moving company and I WOW! I couldn't be more impressed. LA moving star was nothing short of professional, fast and helpful. Highly recommend them if you're moving and look forward to using them for our next move
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I highly recommend LA star moving company! They did a fabulous job, they were on time, extremely professional and all-around an amazing job. I’ve been numerous times and this is the best most smoothest move I’ve had. I cannot thank LA Star moving company enough!Alex and his crew are amazing!
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From booking my movers, to the end of the move, everything was perfect. I highly recommend LA Moving Star. I booked them once before a while back, and was happy. And once again, even with 2 new movers, everything was just as great! Roman and Ivan showed up on time, they were caring, kind, efficient, hard working, and got the job done with ease. Will definitely be booking this company whenever I move.
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Great company for moving, Roman and Ivan were very professional and friendly. They wrapped all my furniture very well and did a great job with the whole move. Also Sarah was great when I called in asking for a quote. I definitely recommend this business for your move.
Jason PhegleyJason Phegley
00:04 30 Sep 21
We had A LOT off stuff in our large 2 bedroom home in Mid City. These guys were awesome! Smoothest easiest moving experience I’ve ever had. They were in constant communication. Arrived right on time. They were true professionals and very nice guys. They were so quick it blew my mind we were in our new place FULLY in under 3 hours. Hard to believe. The great and fair pricing coupled with 5 star service makes them a no brainer for movers in LA. Highly recommended! Thank you Roman and Ivan!