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Frequently Asked Questions

We have comprised an expansive list of moving and storage frequently asked questions so you are well informed during your moving experience.

Can I have someone meet the movers at the drop off address?2022-08-26T10:27:27-07:00

Either you or someone on your behalf (please provide name & contact prior to the move start if this is a case) need to be there to meet the foreman and go over the move details at your drop off location.

We recommend you or your representative staying with your moving crew throughout the entire moving process, until it’s completion.

Would you call me prior to arrival?2022-08-26T10:26:59-07:00
  • On the move date you will receive text/call with the estimated time of arrival
  • Foreman of your moving crew will get in touch 15-30 minutes prior to their arrival
Do I have to stay with the movers while they work?2022-08-26T10:26:07-07:00

Either you or someone on your behalf (please provide name & contact prior to the move if this is a case) would need to be there to meet the foreman/moving crew, and go over the move details, sign the contract.

We strongly recommend you or your representative staying with your crew throughout the entire move, until it’s completion, because of two reasons: 1. It would help to understand at the pick up which items are going which stay. 2. Per your arrival at the drop off it would help a moving crew to understand what goes where.

How many movers will you provide?2022-08-26T10:25:35-07:00

Depending on the move size, your moving crew will consist of minimum of 2 movers and can go upto 8 man crew! 3 man crew is the most common for a one-two bedroom apartment, the more movers you get the cheaper it would be for you per mover and the most efficient it would be for your move.

What parts of Los Angeles metropolitan area and CA State do you provide your services in?2022-08-26T10:25:04-07:00

We serve all the areas around Los Angeles metropolitan area up to 150 miles radius for all the pick up addresses and can drop it off anywhere in California state. 

Do the movers take time off for lunch and breaks?2022-08-26T10:23:16-07:00

Our moving crew normally tries to avoid taking any breaks for lunch during your move – however, if your move requires 5+ hours of work and in case, if there’s any breaks to be made our foreman will communicate that with you and deduct that time from your total.

Can the movers arrange furniture in my new home?2022-08-26T10:16:15-07:00

Not only our movers would be happy to assist with arranging furniture at your new home but also can easily help with all the unpacking part too, simply because your experience from start to finish that what matters the most to us at LA Moving Star. 

How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?2022-08-26T10:15:38-07:00

If during the booking process you provided all the items that may be and filled up the inventory list then our moving crew will come with the contract & your moving quote details/inventory list on hand. Before we start packing/protecting your belongings, the moving team foreman will ask you to show him around your apartment and if there any items that you are leaving behind. Keep in mind you are charged based on the total hours for the local moves so that’s why we at LA Moving Star strongly encourage you being proactive during the entire move that would eventually save you total number of hours meaning costs of the move.

What happens if you get a parking ticket during my move?2022-08-26T10:14:59-07:00

Parking in Los Angeles and any other metropolitan area is really unpredictable and clients are better aware on where to park at both pick up and drop off locations, so that’s why all the parking tickets that received during the move are fully covered by the client as our driver would follow your directions on where to park. In order to avoid getting extra expense during your move we strongly recommend reaching out to your building manager, ask neighbors on where to park and also try using the following information for City of Los Angeles For Parking

Will the movers dismount my TV from the wall and put it on the wall at my new place?2022-08-26T10:12:16-07:00

Dismounting TV from the wall is always free and we do not have any extra fees for that, our movers would arrive with all the tools in order to provide that service in timely manner as part of your move.

Due to high demand and inquiries from our clients LA Moving Star started offering TV mounting service at the flat rate of $180 that includes the entire service + all the hardware that would be used for mounting the TV. However you need to request that service ahead of time as we need to assign for your move one of our designated movers that specializes in mounting the TV on the wall along with all the necessary tools, hardware that trained mover may need for mounting the TV on your wall.

What do I do if I have items damaged in the move?2022-08-26T10:10:53-07:00

Please call us at (213)866-9988 we are available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm and one of our moving experts would be happy to assist you with all your concerns.

Additionally, we will always reach out to you after your move to hear about your experience and check in if there’s anything else we could improve, because your feedback and experience that what truly matters!

Who should I call during the move if any problems arise?2022-08-26T10:08:33-07:00

Our customer service is available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm at either our website lamovingstar.com online chat support or by calling us at (213)866-9988

How big are your trucks?2022-08-26T10:08:05-07:00

We own and operate a large commercial fleet of moving trucks, and can accommodate any size move you can imagine from the single item move up to 5bedrm mansion.

Sizes of our trucks are:

  • 16ft (studio/one bed apartment)
  • 20ft (two bed apartment)
  • 26ft (three + bed apartment & house)

Regardless your move size we will provide as many trucks as needed to complete your move securely and efficiently..

Will the movers take any extra items I have?2022-09-16T09:04:23-07:00

That’s completely fine if you have some extra items going as you can utilize the entire moving truck cargo space and it belongings to you and only you during the entire moving process.

Also please keep in mind that last minute changes that add significant volume to your already scheduled move preferably should be communicated prior to our movers arrival at your pick up address so we can come prepared & with the truck size they would fit all your belongings in one trip.

What if I have more items than what was quoted?2022-08-26T10:06:59-07:00

As soon as you know your inventory will have more items than what you listed in the first place call our call center with your order number or email address and we will be able to update your quote to reflect requested changes.

We would truly appreciate if you can keep in mind that last minute requests that add significant volume to your already scheduled move should be communicate prior to arrival of your moving crew so we can come prepared & plan the entire moving process accordingly.

What are the items movers will not take?2022-08-26T10:06:21-07:00

We will not move pets, firearms, drugs, chemicals and basically anything explosive.

Will the movers be able to transport my plants?2022-08-26T10:04:51-07:00

If you are fine that we can put the plant in a big commercial bin and move it as it is, understanding falling of plant leaves might occur depending on nature/type of the plants we are moving.

How should I pack my belongings if I am packing the items on my own?2022-08-26T10:04:18-07:00

Packing small, kitchen, misc items is one of the most time-consuming parts of the move that’s why if you are planning to do it on your own please do that ahead of time and treat it just like your homework that should be done prior to our movers arrival and should not be done after our movers arrived at your pick-up address.

Check our detailed How to Guides on our resources page, but a few guidelines for self packing of your belongings are:

  • keep similar items in the same box, meaning shoes with shoes, plates with plates etc;
  • keep items from certain dressers or furniture pieces in the same box and label label label so there’s no confusion when unpacking.;
  • use small boxes for CDs and books, so it would be much easier and safer for our movers to carry
  • use medium-sized boxes for electronics and fragile items
  • use large boxes for linens and clothes from your dressers
  • packed box weight should not be over 50lb per box. If you are able to lift a box yourself, that box is good to go, keep in mind that our movers gonna stack up to 5moving boxes when carrying on the dolly per load. 
Can I move my jewelry, high-value items and important documents together with my other items?2022-08-26T10:03:41-07:00

No, you can not move your important documents, jewelry, high-value items together with other belonging that we would move for you . We will have to refuse moving those items for you, and will not be liable if you pack those items in boxes without letting us know.. We advise you to separately pack and keep your documents, jewelry, high-value items and store them securely while your home is open during your move, and to transport these items with you to the next location.

Do I need to empty out my dresser drawers?2022-08-26T10:02:49-07:00

We always strongly recommend to empty out all the dressers and generally all the furniture pieces into the boxes prior to our movers arrival, that would help to make it easier and safer for our movers to carry those items. However, if you upgraded your moving quote with us and requested “All-stars packing kit” – please leave this part of the job to our moving crew!

Will you shrink wrap my upholstered furniture?2022-09-08T11:25:14-07:00

We would always protect upholstered furniture with plastic, before applying our heavy-duty moving blankets.

When will I get the Certificate of Insurance (COI)?2022-09-08T11:35:40-07:00

In order for us to generate the certificate of insurance you would need to ask that building what are the requirements? Building Manager name, What’s the address you need that COI for?

So we can generate Certificate of Insurance specifically for that building, some building have really strict requirements so we may not even be able to fit those. Also if you can send a Sample for that COI needed for the building. Once you provide all that info we will forward it to our Insurance department, once they generate that COI we will send it to you and you would need to get your building approval, only after that we will be able to set you up for the move.

Do you offer insurance for all of my items?2022-12-09T14:32:43-08:00

It is offered by movers at no additional charge, but the protection is minimal. Under this option, the mover is responsible for no more than 60 cents per pound per article. For example, if your mover lost or damaged a 50-inch TV weighing 25 pounds, you would only receive $15 (60 cents x 25 pounds).

However, you are able to additionally insure your items by going through a 3rd party insurance company and choosing the level of liability & deductible levels.

What are your Terms and Conditions?2022-08-26T10:00:24-07:00

Terms and conditions are emailed to you for a review before you schedule your move and included in your booking confirmation!

What if I want to cancel or reschedule my move?2022-08-26T09:22:04-07:00

We do everything possible to make the entire moving process as seamless as possible that’s why we have 0 cancellations/rescheduling  fees for all the local moves (where the distance between all the pick-up and drop-off locations is less than 100miles). However we would truly appreciate if you could let us know about any changes at most with a 48 hours notice prior to your move date, so we can keep our trucks busy and help with someone else’s move.

Is tipping included in the overall cost and billing?2022-08-26T09:21:19-07:00

Tips are not included into the total price of your move  – while tipping is completely optional if you are fully satisfied with your moving crew performance and experience overall we recommend tipping in the amount of anywhere 10-20% of the total move cost.

Do I have to tip my movers?2022-08-26T09:20:38-07:00

Tipping in the moving industry is common and your hardworking movers appreciate the gesture. Please keep in mind that Tipping is completely optional however the general rule of thumb is to base your tip on a percentage of your total move cost, 10%-20% is a service industry average.

Do I have to pay a deposit or any prepayment?2022-08-26T09:19:39-07:00

Unlike many other moving companies we do not require any deposits or prepayments in order to make you a reservation for a local move where the distance is less than 100miles between the pick-up and drop off, you can always feel free to apply any changes prior to your reserved move, we do not have any fees for that or whatsoever, please let us know ahead of time if you would want to do any changes so that we can see whether we can reschedule you for any other date if we have something available.

When will I be charged for my move?2022-08-26T09:03:41-07:00

Per your move completion after all the boxes has been unloaded, furniture assembled you will be asked which way you would want to pay cash or card that is applicable for the local moves where the distance between the pick up and drop off is less than 100 miles. 

However if you have a long-distance move which means the distance between the pick up and drop off is over 100miles then a deposit of $500 might be required.

What are the payment methods available to me and which payment methods I can’t use?2022-08-26T09:02:55-07:00

We accept only credit/debit card payments or cash as a method of payment. 

We do not accept both personal and business checks, certified checks, Venmo, Cash app, Zelle.

How accurate is the moving estimate?2022-08-26T09:00:31-07:00

The accuracy of that moving estimate solely depends on how honest, straightforward, and detailed you would be with us telling everything the way it is in terms of the weight of the items, stairs, whether you have everything packed or not prior to our movers arrival and the list of all the items needed to be moved. The more details you would be when answering all our questions the better and more accurate the moving quote will be.

Is my moving service taxed?2022-08-26T08:59:49-07:00

The moving service is not taxable in the state of California.

Do you charge extra for buildings with stairs?2022-08-26T08:59:09-07:00

The number of flights of stairs will always be noted on your contract with us and included in the one all inclusive price you have confirmed with our moving experts.

First 2 flights no charge if items less than 200lbs per item if over 2 flights and some items should go through the stairs then there’s a flat fee of $100fee for every extra flight.


Do you charge for boxes?2022-08-26T08:58:24-07:00

Our standard packing service would always include first 5 free moving boxes on moving day, along with wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, boxes for TVs, mirrors and picture frames and we will leave you to box up your personal belongings that can be easily fitted in a regular size box. Other boxes and packing supplies can be provided if we upgrade your moving package to include packers & packing supplies, so you don’t have to lift a finger! 

We can do full packing of your kitchen, miscellaneous, media, personal items etc for you however we would need to know about that ahead of time so that we prepare one of the two packing supplies options:

1 – “All-Stars Packing” for $188 total that Includes 12 small 12 med 12 large moving boxes so 36 different size boxes, bubble wrap and 5 lbs of kitchen paper, that would be the best option if you want us to take care of the packing from start to finish, so you do not have to lift a finger.

2 – “Stars Packing” – Purchasing of packing and boxing supplies per item (good if you want us to pack only some of your items)

Does LA Moving Star include the cost of boxes, packing and wrapping supplies in the moving price?2022-08-26T08:57:35-07:00

Supplies provided for free and used during the entire move: Blankets, Wardrobe boxes, Shrink wrap, Tape, Straps with or without ratchet, Speedpacks.

One wardrobe box can fit up to 15 hangers and we normally carry up to 6 wardrobe boxes in every truck, if you may need more than 6 wardrobe boxes we would appreciate it if you could let us know prior to your move start about that so that we would load extra wardrobe boxes that can be used during your entire move.

What is LA Moving Star’s pricing model?2022-08-25T16:30:35-07:00

The following factors are used when calculating the estimate for your move:

  • Average volume of the item/inventory list provided by the client and the items that are being moved
  • Flights of stairs at the pick-up and drop-off
  • The distance between all pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Whether you need help packing small, kitchen, misc items
  • Extra heavy items that may require more movers 
  • Accessibility of the truck from your door into the truck and from the truck
  • Date and time of the move
What is flat fee pricing vs all-inclusive hourly pricing?2022-08-25T16:15:37-07:00

We are doing everything possible in order to completely eliminate the surprise factor on your move day as that would be the number 1 reason Californians are hesitant to move that’s why all our quotes are calculated in either guaranteed all-inclusive hourly rate pricing system for local moves where the distance between the pick up and drop off is less than 100miles or guaranteed flat rate for the entire move in case you have a long-distance move where the pickup and drop off location would be over 100miles apart from one another, this quote is not based on weight, which can easily be abused by unscrupulous movers.

That’s why we do everything possible to be as transparent and honest with you as possible and the same we need from you because both all-inclusive hourly estimates and flat rate for the entire move are based on the list of items, description you provide us during the booking process, so please be as straightforward with us as possible that would help us to provide you the most accurate quote.

What is the best time of day to book my move?2022-08-25T16:14:36-07:00

We strongly recommend moving first thing in the morning if you and your building’s schedule would allow that – our earliest regular time slot starts 7:15AM-9AM. One of the reasons obviously is LA traffic, so if our movers hit the road earlier that would help them to skip morning traffic. The sooner we start, the sooner you’ll be all set to celebrate and enjoy your new home!

How can the weather affect my move?2022-08-25T16:14:03-07:00

Our professional movers are trained & equipped with all the tools to assure that you can move in any kind of weather condition. So if the forecast is showing heavy rain or extreme heat on your move day, don’t worry, we’ll come all prepared at the scheduled date/time without any delays. And we NEVER have any sort of surcharges for any weather conditions, once you are booked with us at an all-inclusive hourly rate that same rate would be applicable for your move date with 0 changes.

Can you move me to another country?2022-08-25T16:13:30-07:00

We are getting a high demand for international flights and in the nearest future we are planning to start offering that service with our international partners where we can pack & accommodate your international moving needs with the same attention to detail,  communication, transparent policy as we apply to a local or long-distance move in USA.

Can you move me across the country (USA)?2022-08-25T15:41:03-07:00

Most of our moves are operated within the state of California however, we can also move you cross country, to and from any point in the US – as seamlessly as we move people within Los Angeles Metropolitan area, which is our base.

How far ahead should I plan and book my move?2022-09-23T08:22:50-07:00