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Moving you forward makes us happy, So here’s our Story:

Prior to starting LA Moving Star our founder saw unhappiness, stress, and other pieces of the process that were going wrong on moving day of his friends, and family members as something was always missing. So he decided to start a moving company with a single truck and a dream making a positive impact on that special day for every person with joy, happiness and making the entire moving service affordable to everyone. Moving day should be a time to start a new chapter in your life, a day that you will remember only with positive memories and realize that a stress-free move where you do not have to lift a finger is possible. We want to assure you that a Better Move STARts Here with us.

Our point of difference

We’re flipping the traditional moving industry on its head with our competitive pricing and focus on clients experience, authentic customer service combined with technology advancements. We also care about the communities we work in, with regular contributions in LA non-profit organizations that support the vulnerable.

LA Moving Star in numbers:

LA Moving Star is LA headquartered and operated. Founded in March 2017 we are LA fastest growing and highest rated moving company, with 500+ 5 star reviews across all the major review platforms such as Yelp, Google, Thumbtack. We successfully moved over 10 000 happy clients and confident about making the biggest positive difference when handling your move. 80% of all the moves we handle are local which means up to 150miles around Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and only 20% of the moves are long-distance the one that exceed 150miles from the pick up to the drop off throughout out the entire state of California.

Our values at the core of everything we do

The core of our fully licensed and insured household moving business in California is putting the client first in all cases and working on client’s terms while assuring that we are providing the highest quality service. It is a known fact that moving is one of the top 3 most stressful normal life events that people may experience, among pregnancy and death, so we at LA Moving Star are the experts on how to remove that factor from your life. We price all our moves as simple as possible for our customers without hidden charges and unanswered questions. Moving household goods is not the major task of our business but simplifying your life and bringing joy, happiness along with saving as much as possible during the entire moving process thats what truly matters. More than just a move way of living that’s how we treat everything we do at LA Moving Star.

Memorable moving experiences

We positively change our customers opinions about moving. We WOW our customers with a smooth and stress free moving experience. We provide the level of service that you should have been getting all along. We truly believe that more people around the USA should try out professional moving services that handled by licensed/insured moving company because only 25% of all the moves in USA handled by professional moving companies the rest would be done either by renting a truck or DIY pick-up trucks. At the end of the day all we want is you remembering that moving day with only positive memories and incredible experience, we at LA Moving Star will do everything possible to make that move for you the right way.

We do care about everything we do a lot

Because we care about each other we are able to deliver our authentic 5 star customer service from the first call you make and until the last piece of furniture has been unloaded/assembled. We care about our staff, our customers and the community. We treat all the clients, all the belongings the same exact way we would want to be treated and as if all the personal belongings would have been our own. We at LA Moving Star believe that’s the most basic way all the humans should be interacting just to make this world a better place. We want to be your # 1 stop for all the moving needs your may have for your friends, family, whether you are moving your office, sectional sofa, apartment, townhouse or storage. We are here to help and serve each and everyone.

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