Small Moves

Our nimble service is perfectly matched for your small move

Need a little help? Mini, partial and even tiny moves are welcome at LA Moving Star. LA hire us to move their small load of items for an equally small price.

Our Small Move service is perfect for customers who need to move a single item or just a few belongings, like roommates relocating, students switching dorms, or a few pieces of furniture that need to move to a new address. Nimble and available 24/7 and any day of the year we can help with your small move. We’re affordable and efficient: don’t lift a finger, let us handle the planning, logistics and even packing of your small move.

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We aim to respond to all quote requests within a 24 hour period Monday-Friday. However if this isn’t the case, please be patient as we receive a lot of emails every day.



What is a small move?

Here are some common small moves we have assisted with. Reach out and let us know how we can help your unique small move requirements.

  • Roommates wanting a few single items moved like a sofa or a mattress.
  • Renters needing to clear space for overseas guests and put things into storage for a month while they’re staying over
  • College undergraduates living in student housing, needing to transport their belongings to storage or back home
  • Part moving requests such as large, heavy and valuable items that need to be expertly packed and handled while you handle the rest.
  • Big, tough to move items that won’t fit in a pick-up truck or an apartment building elevator that need professional handling
  • Families who’ve built up belongings over the years and want to make space by moving things into storage instead of moving homes.

Wherever a mover’s helping hand is needed, no job is too small for LA Moving Star.

Our customer’s ratings

speak for themselves

Jessica L.

Ethan I.

I’ve moved with this company twice and every single time they have been incredible and fast. They bring wardrobe boxes that are a huge help and are extremely courteous with everything to do. If you want the best moving company seriously I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Amy S.

The best moving experience I’ve ever had! First of all, the value is excellent for the quality of service. They were great communicators, quick and efficient, with an eye for detail. They wrapped up our furniture in no time and not a single bump or scratch. We had two drop offs in LA and they made our move painless. Any move I have in the future I will be calling them.”