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Orange County has been named the perfect destination for those dreaming of stress-free suburban living, with beautiful nature, top-notch schools, chic shops and trendy hipster style restaurants. Orange county is the third-largest neighborhood in California attracts both older couples about to retire and young people enjoying a peaceful, laid-back lifestyle. Whenever you consider relocating to Orange County it is also a great place to live, as it’s just an hour from Los Angeles and San Diego. You can enjoy laid-back suburban life, Southern California beaches and big city lights all at once.

Moving to Orange County? That’s what you need to know

Orange County is a pretty decent size county located in the LA metropolitan area in the state of California. It is known as the 3rd-most populous county in the state of California, the 6th-most populous in the US, and more populous than 20 states. The county’s four largest cities by population are Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, and Huntington Beach. Orange County is a part of Long Beach-Los Angeles-Anaheim Metropolitan Statistical Area. The newest city is Aliso Viejo, which was incorporated in 2001 and overall thirty-four incorporated cities are located in the county. Anaheim is the county’s most populous city, and Santa Ana is its second-most populous city.

  • Impressive housing stock. Orange County offers a variety of housing options for its residents. The county has apartments, condos, houses, and other types of residences. Orange County also has a variety of housing assistance programs available to assist low-income residents with housing costs. Additionally, the county provides resources for first-time homebuyers, such as grants, loans, and educational materials. The county also offers rental assistance programs, including the Section 8 program, which offers rental assistance for eligible households. Additionally, Orange County has a variety of programs and resources for homeless individuals and families, including shelters, transitional housing, and supportive services.
  • Orange county is special. Living in Orange County is special for many reasons. From the gorgeous weather to the world-class attractions, Orange County has something for everyone. The beaches, mountains, and desert terrain provide a variety of outdoor activities, while the abundance of shopping, dining, and entertainment makes Orange County a great place to live and visit. The diverse population of the county is also an asset, as it allows people of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy the area. Ultimately, Orange County is a wonderful place to call home.
  • As perfect weather as it can get. Orange County enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This combination of warm temperatures and low humidity makes Orange County an ideal place to visit year-round. In summer, the temperature rarely rises above 90 degrees and in winter, temperatures rarely drop below 40. With more than 270 days of sunshine, Orange County is the perfect place to soak up the sun.
  • A lot of historical sites. There’s a ton of historical sights in Orange county, here’s a few of those:

Los Rios Historic District (San Juan Capistrano), Mission San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo Library (Mission Viejo), The Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace (Yorba Linda), Anaheim Packing House (Anaheim), Crystal Cove State Park (Laguna Beach), Heritage Hill Historical Park (Lake Forest), Balboa Pavilion (Newport Beach), The Bowers Museum (Santa Ana), Irvine Historical Museum (Irvine) OC. Just for the reference you want to know that Orange County has the second highest concentration of historic buildings in the state of California and a lot of them were built over a century ago.

  • Top-tier education options. Orange County offers some of the best public and private education in the United States. There are numerous public school districts and charter schools in the county, including the Capistrano Unified School District, Irvine Unified School District, and Newport-Mesa Unified School District. In addition, there are numerous highly ranked private schools, such as St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Sage Hill School, and Orangewood Academy.
  • Extremely low crime level. Orange County is considered to be one of the safest counties in the United States. According to the FBI’s 2018 crime report, the total number of violent crimes in Orange County was 3,979. This translates to a crime rate of 217.7 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which is significantly lower than the national average of 368.9. Additionally, the total number of property crimes in Orange County was 26,177, which translates to a crime rate of 1,444.7 property crimes per 100,000 people—also lower than the national average of 2,199.5.
  • Tons of places to visit. OC might be considered as one of the best places for family fun in California, here’s the top 5 of the most popular places in Orange County:
  1. Disneyland: Located in Anaheim, this iconic theme park is a must-visit for anyone visiting Orange County. With iconic rides, character experiences, and top-notch entertainment, Disneyland is an experience like no other.
  2. Balboa Island: Balboa Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Orange County. With its quaint beach-town vibe, ferry service across the harbor, and excellent restaurants, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beach
  3. San Clemente Pier: San Clemente Pier is one of the most iconic landmarks in Orange County. This picturesque pier has been featured in countless movies and television shows, and is a great spot to take in the ocean views.
  4. Huntington Beach: Huntington Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Orange County. With its wide sandy beaches, excellent surfing, and active lifestyle, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun.
  5. The Richard Nixon Library and Museum: Located in Yorba Linda, the Richard Nixon Library and Museum is a must-see for history buffs. It houses an impressive collection of documents and artifacts related to Nixon’s presidency and offers a fascinating look into the life of the 37th president of the United States.

Why LA Moving Star is the best moving company in Orange County

We are the best moving company because we offer reliable, fast and secure moving services at competitive prices. We do whatever it takes to provide the best customer service possible and pay attention to every detail. Our experienced and professional staff are committed to making sure your move is stress-free. We use only the best materials and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient move. We are fully insured and licensed moving company in Orange County, so you do not need to worry whether you are in right hands. Here’s key components that makes LA Moving Star your favorite movers in Orange County:

  1. Reliability: Providing reliable and trustworthy services is a key component of being a successful moving company. Customers need to be able to trust that you will show up on time and deliver their items safely. We always guarantee 100% show up at any day/time you move with LA Moving Star.
  2. Customer Service: Delivering excellent customer service is essential for any business. Providing friendly, helpful service to customers will help build loyalty and ensure repeat business. We truly believe that a client is always right and whatever the issue might be we will ensure that you are going to be absolutely satisfied with the level of service we provided from start to finish.
  3. Knowledge: Having a knowledgeable team of movers is essential for a successful moving company. Knowing how to properly pack and move items efficiently and safely is key to providing a good experience for customers. All our movers have been trained and have years of experience working in moving industry that helps to avoid unnessasary moves and focus only on key factors.
  4. Equipment: Having the right equipment for the job is critical for any moving company. At LA Moving Star we constantly invest in quality moving supplies and trucks that would help us ensure that customers are getting the best service possible.
  5. Safety: Ensuring safety for customers and employees is a must for any moving company. Following proper safety protocols and procedures will help ensure that everyone stays safe during the move.

Contact us today and get your free moving quote or give us a call so that one of our moving experts would help to plan your move to Orange County, powered by the LA Moving Star team.

Professional Office, Local and Long Distance Movers in Orange County

So you’re excited to relocate to a new home in Orange County soon? It’s essential to find professional movers and packers Orange County offers you a wide variety. LA Moving Star is an experienced Orange County moving company that has provided customers with outstanding and high-quality services since 2017.

Commercial Moving

Whenever you choose LA Moving Star for a commercial move in Orange County that’s the best decision you can make as it is critical for ensuring the safe and efficient transport of your business’s vital assets and customer data. Properly licensed and insured moving companies will be able to provide the necessary equipment and personnel to handle the move, and they will know how to take the necessary precautions to protect and secure your business’s property during the move. Furthermore, they should be experienced enough to properly plan the move so that you can minimize downtime and avoid costly delays. Lastly, they should have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure that the move is compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

Home Movers

Choosing the right moving company for a residential move is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that your belongings will be handled with care and respect, and that they will arrive safely at their destination. It also ensures that the moving company is experienced and reliable, and that they will provide an efficient and stress-free service. Finally, selecting the right moving company can help to protect your belongings and can save you money in the long run.

Long-Distance Moving

Choosing LA Moving Star for a long-distance move is important for a variety of reasons. Moving is a major undertaking and selecting the wrong company could lead to catastrophic results. Moving companies that specialize in long-distance moves will have the experience and resources needed to complete the move efficiently and safely. They will be able to provide the best service, from packing and loading to unloading and setting up in the new home. They will also be able to provide the proper insurance coverage required for long-distance moves. It is important to choose the right moving company for long-distance moves to ensure the safety of the items being moved and to ensure a successful move.

Local Movers

Proceeding with LA Moving Star for your local move is important because it can help ensure that your belongings are moved safely and securely. A reputable and experienced local moving company can provide the professional packing, loading and unloading services that will ensure your belongings arrive safely. Additionally, they will have the necessary insurance to protect your belongings in case of any damage that may occur during the move. Finally, a good local moving company will have the experience and knowledge to provide the best possible service and make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

At LA Moving Star we will do everything it takes in order to deliver the best possible, ever imaginable moving experience that will be filled with only positive and happy memories. Ready to move like a star? Then just give us a call today for a free moving quote or visit a website and request it online so that one of our moving experts reach out to you to give you the most competitive quote in Orange County.



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Jay LoganJay Logan
21:39 24 Oct 23
Andrew, Mike and Sergei did a fantastic job and were very careful with all the furniture and boxes.
Elvira GendlerElvira Gendler
02:22 21 Oct 23
Andrew, Mike and Sergei did an amazing job. Such a professional team. Moved me and my husband in a super friendly and smooth way. We moved 3-4 times but this is was the best experience I have ever had. Thank you guys!!!! Impressive!!!!
Zhiyuan XuZhiyuan Xu
18:57 19 Oct 23
Alex and Sergei is very responsible and helpful
Brandon ShahnianiBrandon Shahniani
18:40 18 Oct 23
HOLY MOLY! Where do I even begin. First of all, in the last 6 years, I've moved probably 3-4 times. I've hired through task rabbit, asked for recs through friends, and have even hired those amazing parking lot patrons you see at every Home Depot. Long story short, it's always been a nightmare. Half of my things end up broken, my walls get scuffed, I end up needing to help lift things and spend hours afterwards cleaning up what the movers messed up. When planning my current move, I knew I had some really tricky pieces that were going to be an absolute beast to move to my new condo. I decided to dish out a couple extra bucks and work with an actual moving company this time after my best friend Lauren raved about LA Moving Star for months.When I tell you I'm astonished. First of all, the price was very reasonable and the movers that showed up were actual professionals. I would call them moving artists to say the least. They strategically have so many tricks up their sleeves in getting massive items through very cramped and small spaces. Everything was wrapped beautifully and not a single thing was damaged. Not only that but they were SO efficient. They were hustling, moving fast, and getting it all done in a timely manner. Usually when companies charge by the hour, I tend to notice workers taking their sweet time in certain areas... But this company values integrity and you can tell. They actually care about their customers and it's SO apparent. My specific movers were Alex, Max, and Serg and the 3 boys were spectacular. This move was definitely not an easy one and they even had to completely disassemble and rebuild my three massive closet pieces by hand.I cannot reccomend this company enough and will be reffering everybody I know to use them. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Víctor MendezVíctor Mendez
20:44 14 Oct 23
Guys did an amazing job. Moved my heavy furniture. I’d like to recommend them. Thank you Andrew and Mike!
Otiniel RibeiroOtiniel Ribeiro
18:34 12 Oct 23
Extremely professional and customer service second to none. Highly recommend!
Andres Holguin-FloresAndres Holguin-Flores
00:53 12 Oct 23
Two great workers helped with moving my entire apartment. It was a big move with a fridge, desk, tv and bed. Fast, friendly, and would absolutely hire again. They handled the move up a flight of stairs as well
Sar HossepianSar Hossepian
23:22 11 Oct 23
Androo Ara and mike are the best you can get to move your stuff 5 star from me
Mark Stephen FructuosoMark Stephen Fructuoso
19:43 11 Oct 23
Alex and Serg were extremely professional, quick, and efficient with my move. Would definitely recommend this company for friends and family!
Al RosalesAl Rosales
23:57 08 Oct 23
Alex, Peter, and Serg were excellent. They did the move in a timely matter and were all very nice. Not disappointed at all.