We have fully licensed and insured commercial and office moving services at your disposal

We are a full-service moving that specializes not just in residential moves. Our movers are also known as expert commercial office space movers.

Regardless of whether you are planning to move a small start-up office room out of your friend’s office space or maybe you are going to move a huge corporate HQ with hundreds of desks to downtown Los Angeles, we would assure to move your business safely and quickly. Move your office or business space with a lot of confidence and ensure that your critical business items are in the hands of LA highest-rated moving company.



Trusted to move LA business with our reliability and care

  • We have all the appropriate State and Federal moving accreditations in place, along with all the insurance and licenses
  • In case your office building requires a Certificate Of Insurance, we will provide it to you at no extra cost within a few hours; please keep in mind it can be generated only Monday – Friday.
  • We are known to have one of top tier well-maintained truck fleets in California, and all the units are equipped with tracking tools for the security of your belongings.
  • LA Moving Star is insured throughout the year in Los Angeles, which means we can move your office any time of the year, whether overnight, during holidays, or even on the weekend.
  • We are experienced in dealing with LA office buildings, however, we require all the customers to prepare a parking space for a truck at all locations; everything else like weather, LA traffic, tight walk-ups, tricky building entries, and elevator booking restrictions we know how to deal with

Individual Office Relocation Move that would exceed all your expectations

Once our movers arrive at your office building address and before starting your move, they will do a walkthrough with you to provide you with a comprehensive office or business relocation plan that may include some sort of office relocation checklist. That checklist would outline your new floor plan in specific details breakdown, would ensure to finish all the packing if needed, and explain the steps on what to expect during your move. Because of the recent global pandemic, we switched from onsite consultation to virtual walkthroughs in case you may want to know an estimate and plan prior to your move date. We always guarantee that whenever you move to Los Angeles for your office move, LA Moving Star can handle every aspect of your relocation.

Here is the list of the most frequent items that we pack for you and move in an office relocation:

  • Printers, Screens, speakers other electronic devices
  • Boardroom tables, workstations, chairs, and other pieces of furniture
  • Storage shelving and cupboards
  • Signage and logos
  • Portable lighting
  • Kitchen supplies, including plates and cutlery
  • Stationery supplies and other office items
  • Hard copies of important or historical documents and reports
  • Oversized and delicate equipment needing special handling, packing