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“ All I have to say is…WOW! I had a nightmare of a job to move a garage of boxes and bags and misc items that had been there from 3 years to 15 years. I wanted to cry when I saw it and I really wanted to cry for whomever took this job. LA Moving star had great prices and they sent me two of the most decent, polite human beings on earth… ”

Darleen L.,

Darleen L.,

Hidden Hills, CA

“ I have used many moving companies in the past, and I have to say by far this is one of the better ones. I had a last-minute move which required a sense of urgency that they were able to accomplish immediately for me. They handled my furniture and goods with care. I would recommend them to anyone that requires a moving service. Thank you again LA moving star. ”

Chris S.,

Chris S.,

Groton, MA

“ You don’t need to lift a finger!! A very organized group of 2 guys handles EVERYTHING! They were totally professional and very strong. No slow moments what so ever. They moved every second! I highly recommend LA Moving Star to anyone. ”

Richard K.,

Richard K.,

Glendale, CA

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Moving tips

Reserve the parking

Contact your parking enforcement, building manager at least 5 days in advance in order to get a parking space near your building that would be reserved for the moving truck. So, there would be NO SURPRISE that clients are fully responsible and must reimburse any parking tickets incurred by LA Moving Star.

Area rugs

At first glance packing rugs doesn’t seem way too complicated, quite right if you follow the right way. Overall you would only need 3 major things in order to pack a rug for your move:
a) Packing tape;
b) Large pieces of durable brown paper;
c) 2 pieces of rope, string or twine per rug.


A lot of times you should take apart big pieces of different kind of furniture that’s why LA Moving Star prepared 3 Step guide for that scenario.
Step 1: Make sure to label those pieces the right way with numbers.
Step 2: Keep the screws in a ziplock bag taped to the furniture piece.
Step 3: When putting back all the screws, pieces the right way at your new place appreciate the time and money you saved by following Step 1 and Step 2.

Label boxes

Simply label as many boxes as you can the way you can easily comprehend what's in one or an-other box and which room it goes to. Try to pack the same room in the same box so you would not mix it with labeling and this will make unpacking much easier for you.

Huge Items

One of the most complicated tasks during the relocation can be the moving of any huge items as you want to keep your possessions in top conditions. Planning ahead would be the major key element in this battle, you will need to think about the route you are planning to take , whether that huge piece should be packaged, how you will hold the item and whether any dismantling would be required. Luckily LA Moving Star professionals arrange any sort of inconveniences prior or during your move.

Small Items

A small move is considered to be anything up to about 1,000 lbs. LA Moving Star specializes in the shipping and packaging of mini and small moves. You don’t need to worry about wrapping your belongings in protective material. LA Moving Star teammembers will professionally pre-pare and pack every single item with protective bubble wrap, foam or corrugated cardboard.