Trusted by California residents to move them quickly and safely.

No matter how far you’re moving, it’s still the relocation of your entire home and life. Moving a few blocks or to a new borough in LA may be short in miles, but our attention to detail is not.

Stress free local California moves are our core business at LA Moving Star. You want experts in your corner, for whom good planning, easy communication and streamlined processes are second nature, especially in California.

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Local Los Angeles moves require careful planning

There are surprisingly a lot of details required in planning a successful relocation in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Happily for you we have completed over 10,000 + local moves, and have tackled every challenge Los Angeles has thrown at us.

Whether you need an insurance certificate, to meet tight time restrictions or service lift access, we’ve got you covered. We have extensive experience with LA’s common moving considerations, allowing you to enjoy this moment in your life with the confidence we are taking care of the details. Let us manage these for you;

  • Traffic changes
  • Parking restrictions
  • Tolls
  • Weather
  • Tricky building entries
  • Tight walk ups
  • Elevator booking restrictions
  • Bespoke Insurance Certificates
  • Co-Op requirements

You want the confidence that your COI is entirely correct to the final detail, and approved, so on the day of your move you have no delays, or issues with your building management. LA Moving Star is a fully insured moving company with extensive LA COI experience. You can learn more about our easy COI process, and why COI are required by law

Our straightforward COI process will ensure that come moving day, you have the correct and approved COI ready to go. Take a look at our guide, and for any other COI questions reach out to our specialist team

1. Prior to planning your move contact your Building Management and confirm if they require a COI, ask if they have a template and what they require. You will need to contact both your move out and move in building management team.

2. Provide the received details and any additional information to your LA Moving Star Moving Consultant and authorize us to prepare your Insurance paperwork. Buildings can have their own preferred format for the COI and each one needs to be made out with specific details, like who it should be mailed to. This is the planning work that limits delays from corrections and changes that we will take care of for you.

3. We will ensure all requirements are met including: the minimum insurance value, the right timing to ensure it’s finalized well before your move and we double check all the details and format of the COI so it’s acceptable to your Building Management requirements.

4. We will also send your COI via email for your own records and confirm it’s approved.

5. Your approved COI will insure you for any accidental building damage that may occur in your move, which means you are not out of pocket if that happens.