You might have mixed up feelings of overwhelmed excitement and stress regarding your upcoming move, your pet would do the same simply because our pets are a hundred times more intuitive to the stress or anxiety we may have especially during the moving process.

Once you start packing up your belongings your pet would instantly sense a change in your behavior. Almost every team member at LA Moving Star got a pet and we truly love our clients’ pets that’s why we came up with our Pet Moving Tips guide in order to make our furry fellows moving experience as smooth and pleasant as it can possibly be.



Choose your new home wisely

Think about your pet first prior to making your final decision on your new neighborhood and home where your pet would also enjoy living and feel comfortable. Take into consideration the following environmental criteria: noise, available space, stairs, playground infrastructure, other pets in that building, and how your pet will fit into that new community.

Different pets have varying needs when it comes down to the square footage that might be required for that specific pet. It’s easier to navigate and create an optimal environment for cats where you will just need to ensure there is enough room to build vertically, so it would not be a big deal to create a lot of vertical space with shelving also called fur cat tree. On the other hand puppies and dogs that may have house training issues, you would need to have to go outside often, and sometimes that might be difficult to handle especially in apartment buildings with lots of stairs and no elevator or a house that has no yard.

Talk to Your Vet professional in order to determine specific pet needs moving day 

Consulting the vet should be the very first thing you should do before planning your moving day. You should rely on the data and numbers from where you can see and track pet’s past health records therefore your vet should be able to advice certain don’ts or do’s like prescribing some medications for your pet that you can use on the move date.

Have your pet kit ready with your pet’s basic essential items

A Pet kit would be your life safer during the entire moving process, which would include your pet’s essentials such as: medicines, food and especially favorite toys can be kept in this Pet kit. It helps to keep your pets instantly comfortable while you are dealing with unpacking and adapting to your new home.

Do not let your pets be around the moving process in order to reduce the stress level for everyone

The best thing to do would be keeping your pets away in a separate room from all this moving action since they might get anxious, and you can easily get nervous too. Think about how many things you need to take care of prior to the move day: packing all your stuff, placing all your small, kitchen, misc items into the boxes, garage, balcony, patio items, labeling all the boxes and handling hundreds of other chores when getting ready for your move date.

Let’s be frank and admit that cats can’t stand changes way much more comparing with dogs that would easier adapt to an ever-changing environment. When your moving day comes please make sure and keep your pets in a designated room, with lights on the door shut. Consider the possibility of leaving your pet with a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor that already knows well your pets behavior for all those busy days when you are involved with these moving errands. Make sure nothing changes in their daily routine when they are kept away. Which would significantly reduce their stress level and keep them comfortable.

Safe travels on the move day along with your pet

Prepare a custom crate for your pet that would be used multiple times prior to the move date, so that on the move date itself your pet would not be surprised when you gonna use it. We recommend implementing the following 2 steps related with crates: Step 1: Make sure you place their favorite food inside that open crate. Step 2: Supervise your pet to eat their meals in the crate with the shut door. Do not forget your pet’s go-to treats!

Those simple steps would make the entire moving day a lot more comfortable for you and your furry friends. Let your pets ride with you in the vehicle when you finally hit the road towards the new home. If you are transporting bird pets then please use a cage to keep them safe during the entire trip.

Our pets are just like us would need some extra time a week or two to get accommodated in the new environment, so please give them some time.

One step at a time

You finally finished your move to new home and it would be really tempting to set your pet loose so that they would start exploring. But you gotta keep in mind that an unfamiliar area could be overwhelming to your pets.

Make it one room at a time and preferably let them first explore the room that includes their favorite treats, toys, water for the dogs or food bowl, and a litter box for cats. Gradually start introducing them to other rooms at your new place once they seem to be comfortable. 

Your pets would require even more attention at your new place, so please it is important that they get enough attention from you per arrival at your new home. Simply start playing with them, maybe even with a new toy. Once they feel occupied and cheerful with your company at the new place that’s one of the best things you can do to make that move a better place for them.

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