Packing small, kitchen, misc items is one of the most time-consuming parts of the move that’s why if you are planning to do it on your own please do that ahead of time and treat it just like your homework that should be done prior to our movers arrival and should not be done after our movers arrived at your pick-up address.

Check our detailed How to Guides on our resources page, but a few guidelines for self packing of your belongings are:

  • keep similar items in the same box, meaning shoes with shoes, plates with plates etc;
  • keep items from certain dressers or furniture pieces in the same box and label label label so there’s no confusion when unpacking.;
  • use small boxes for CDs and books, so it would be much easier and safer for our movers to carry
  • use medium-sized boxes for electronics and fragile items
  • use large boxes for linens and clothes from your dressers
  • packed box weight should not be over 50lb per box. If you are able to lift a box yourself, that box is good to go, keep in mind that our movers gonna stack up to 5moving boxes when carrying on the dolly per load.