Having a few flights of stairs is a common problem for the people that live in big cosmopolitan cities and especially older condo buildings.

With the complexity of navigating through the flights of stairs, there are also additional costs that might be added extra to your moving invoice.

BUT, if you’re working with a professional moving company LA Moving Star we always want to assure that you have a clear picture around all possible extra charges before the first box makes it down to the first floor of your building.

There are a lot of variables that should be taken into consideration and may affect the complexity of your move and stairs would be one of those critical ones. The more you know everything ahead of time the more you understand the “why” behind any additional cost to your moving invoice.

These are 4 main factors:

  • Access to freight elevator: Let’s suggest you have both stairs and access to an elevator in your current location. What if your elevator stopped working per our mover’s arrival or you could not reserve a freight elevator that could have been used during your move, in that case if movers using the stairs during your move first 2 flights there’s no charge for all the items less than 200lbs, if over 2 flights of stairs and some items should go through the stairs then there’s a flat fee of $100 Fee for every extra flight. Our movers always appreciate a lot if you can have that freight elevator reserved in case you have one in your building as the regular passenger elevator might not work the best for the moving needs due to it is size and weight it carries.
  • Location: As we all know in Los Angeles Metropolitan area you can see all kinds of hills and extremely steep roads. If movers would have to take stairs in order to get to your apartment entry location it may result in a higher cost than a location that has no or very few stairs. Moreover, in case you’re relocating from or to a multi-family home that has a second floor or maybe stairs to the basement, you may incur an additional charge if and only if there are any items over 250lbs per piece that requires going down or upstairs to move. If you reside on a 5th-floor walk-up apartment, that would definitely be a reason for additional fees simply because there are more than 2flights over stairs involved.
  • Type of items: Fragile furniture items such as antiques may require more movers to safely get them down or up stairs to move them, which would often add up an extra fee.
  • Required equipment: If you have anything like a piano, gun safe, or regular overweight safe that would require special equipment in order to move it to your next location in that case you might be looking at extra fees added to your final bill. For example, when moving a piano the movers you hire would have to use a special piano board in order to lift the piano items or lower items down flights of stairs. And also you would need at least 5-6 movers depending on the piano weight.

We truly believe that moving should be one of those processes that needs to be planned thoroughly and especially when it comes to calculating the cost involved with the flights of stairs involved in your relocation, at LA Moving Star we will break it down for you in order to assure that you understand how those steps would impact your moving budget’s bottom line.

With thousands of happy clients and extensive experience going down and all the way up the stairs LA Moving Star can help you one step at a time and making the right move every step of the way.

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