People from all over the world remember watching those famous sunsets and sceneries in Hollywood movies, especially the ones taken around the Pacific coast highway, and could not really believe how beautiful it might be there, once you visit those places in person you can definitely feel those incredible California vibes that cannot be compared with anything else. All you wanna do after that is relocate to Cali so you can enjoy everything the coastal state has to offer to its fullest.

We prepared for you all the major cons and pros so that would help you before making your final decision on whether the West Coast would be your best coast for your new home that might be located right in front of Pacific Ocean, on the top of the hill, mountain or right in the middle of the valley .

Interesting facts about the Golden State

Back in 1850 California entered USA and became the 31st state, right around the same time in 1946 California was an independent country but not for too long just for 1 month, prior to it’s statehood.

Almost 40million residents live in California which makes it one-eighth population of the country, demographically it is very diverse state, the majority of California’s residents would be considered as an ethnic minority groups, fun fact that 1 out of every 4 Californians wasn’t even born in USA. California is also a home for many Native American tribes such as: Hupa, Pomo, Maidu and Quechan (Yuma) that all lived at some point in California.

It is a known fact that California feeds not just the entire country but also the world. Agriculture is one the biggest industries in the state and Central Valley of the state is famously known as the world’s almond capital. Almonds are California’s top export products with the highest quality.

Home sweet home to some of the biggest cities in USA such as Los Angeles with almost 4 million residents , San Diego that has 1.4 million residents and San Jose with just over 1 million, all of those 3 cities are among top 10 biggest cities in USA.

Reasons why you should move and live in California

  • Great economic perspectives. According to The Governor’s office of Business and Economic Development the state has the 5th largest gross domestic product in the world, which technically means that if the state would have been the country on its own then it would be the 5th largest economy in the world. California is also ranked #1 in both where the new business would start operating and also #1 in terms of an access to venture capital funding.
  • Incredible weather is always here all year round. Whichever area in California you would move into you do not need to worry about sunny days as 80% of the time it would be beautiful warm weather regardless of the fact that you are relocating to Napa Valley area or San Diego the weather would be still close to perfect. You can be out there having fun in the warm California. However if you want to avoid living around the heat then your best bet would be residing around Northern California, however if you are into surfing, water, beach activities then you should stick to Southern California and cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • Outdoor activities, state parks and many more things to explore. Gorgeous 840 miles of California coastline, not as many places on our planet can boast with such variety of beach options to choose from. If you are into surfing and can’t wait to catch that wave then Malibu Surfrider beach is waiting for you however if you are more into exploring unique places then you can check out Pfieffer Beach in Big Sur where the sand is purple (just like LA Moving Star Logo) due to the manganese garnet runoff from the nearby cliffs. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic a lot of people got into hiking and if this is smth you want to do then check out Muir Woods for a peek at the giant Redwood trees or Joshua Tree National Park where the Colorado and Mojave deserts meet. One of our team favorite place of power has been Yosemite National Park that we at LA Moving Star would strongly recommend visiting. Anyone would find every flavor of the terrific outdoors activities in California.
  • One of the best in the world private and public universities. California is known for the following one of the highest ranked universities for decades and centuries worldwide: California State University, The University of California, Stanford University, University of Southern California. Parents all over the world trying to assure that their kids go to the best public and private school in the world, so if you move to California know that you are making the right choice for your kids future.
  • Wine tasting, red, white, rose, semi-sweet, Napa, Temecula Sonoma, and everything in between wine related concerns would be easily solved in California. Due to the great weather year round and a long grape growing season, exceptional wines of all varieties in both Northern California in Napa or Sonoma and Southern California in Temecula. There are so many guides and many more vino regions you can explore in California.
  • California is one of the few places on planet Earth that has plans and brave goals for renewable energy and making this world a better place for many more generations to come. It was recently reported that though it was brief, California had reached 95% renewable energy usage. That’s just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from the state-wide goal of using 100% renewable energy sources by 2045. At of today California already converts more solar and biomass energy to electricity than any other state in USA and the Advanced Clean Cars 2 proposal applies a roadmap to California Governor Mr. Newson’s 2020 executive order that any new vehicles sold in California must be zero-emissions by 2035.
  • We know that you prefer produce fresh if so then in California you’ll be getting most of it straight from the source and California soil. The state grows over half of all the fruits, nuts, vegetables in the country and exports that agricultural profit to over 190 other countries worldwide. The state is home to over 75 thousand farms, ranches.

Maybe you would reconsider moving into California because of the following

  • Get a car and get it ASAP. Whether you’re tooling around your town or throughout the state, your trips may not be ones that can be done with public transit easily. For reference, if you’re going to San Francisco, make sure to wear flowers in your hair and get ready to drive 380 miles if your destination is Los Angeles. Los Angeles and other big cities in California are known for traffic and can be pretty congested not because wrong roads, freeways planning but because there are way too many cars and even if you want to get to the nearest shopping mall the infrastructure of the city would push you really hard to get a car otherwise it would take a really long time to whichever place you would be going to.
  • Higher than average cost of living. The highest cost would be in Northern California around Bay Area, San Jose and San Francisco just because extremely high concentration of IT companies, billion dollar valuation companies that pay their workers well above than national average so if you do not make a top dollar then it would not be affordable for you to live there, more affordable would be Southern California and such big cities as Los Angeles, San Diego. Apart from housing costs which are the biggest factor of high prices, transportation, groceries, utilities and of course GAS prices are all higher than the average nationally.
  • One of the highest state taxes in USA. As of right now the state sales tax is at 7.25%, it might not be the highest in the USA but it’s not the lowest also do not forget to add other local jurisdictions onto that percentage that would add 0.10% to 1.00%. State Income tax ranges from 1% to 13.3% depending on your filing status and your income level.
  • High risk for natural and man-made disasters. It is a known fact globally that Southern California has about 10,000 earthquakes yearly of course majority of those earthquakes are pretty minor you won’t even feel them. But aftershocks of earthquakes for some of these ground-shaking experiences are pretty severe. The climate is extremely beautiful but way too dry at times that’s a major cause of higher risk for wildfires. So before you are going to choose on where you would want to move please explore the map of the fire risks in the state. Mudslides can occur without any sort of warning after significant rainfall and can as a result cause damage to property and injury to people.
  • Forget about affordable housing in California. A lot of young professionals and families cannon afford buying or even renting any property on their own as the state has a lack of affordable housing options. Based on some recent surveys it turned our to be that some spend more than half of their paycheck on housing. The median home price in California in 2022 has surpassed $850,000, which is much higher than the national average.

It is time to move your California Dreaming and Living fantasies into reality, are you ready for that?

At the end of the day it is better to see and experience once than to hear thousand times from someone else so do not make your decision based on all the pros and cons of your move we listed here, make the decision with your heart and once you make it let us know so we at LA Moving Star will move you fantasy into reality of living as we think the best place in the world called California. We can help you with anything starting from packing supplies, full packing or unpacking services, furniture assembly and many more, we will assure that your moving experience to the Best West Golden coast will be with the “Most positive vibes only”

Are you ready to make a move with LA Moving Star? Get in touch today for a commitment free guaranteed All-inclusive moving quote.



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