You finally decided to make a move to a bigger, brighter, larger apartment or a house, and suddenly dollar signs along with big moving bills start showing up inside your head. You may feel overwhelmed and intuitively might be tempted to go ahead with a moving company that provides the lowest quote.

Unfortunately around 50% of all the moving companies represented on largest platforms such as Google and Yelp are not licensed or insured, that simply means that if things go wrong then you that so-called “Moving company” would take 0 liability over your belongings, most of those scam companies offer prices way lower than a market price because they do not have expenses of maintaining their licenses, insurance. The easiest way to figure whether a moving company is licensed or not on YELP is just look for a Verified License badge on their profile, if it’s not there then that company is a scam artist.

At LA Moving Star, we’ll make sure you’re not playing a guessing game about all the expected charges or whether our moving experts live up to their reputation as professionals with the appropriate certifications and insurance.

So What are the 3 Biggest Risks When Choosing to Work with a Cheap Moving company?

  • Hidden costs: Perhaps you got an extremely low-cost quote for your upcoming move which may sound too good to be true. That should be a big sign that you should be expecting additional fees towards the end of the move. The last thing you wanna think about while you are relocating is having to come up with more money than you expected to pay off your movers. Further, it wouldn’t be unheard of for movers who don’t have a track record of being transparent to hold your belongings until you pay up more, because they simply do not care about their reputation.
  • Never on time: Shady movers may not be the most punctual or on-time at all. Having your move canceled last minute or possibly even on the move day itself – can be one big issue with cheap movers who aren’t serious about providing quality service, do not care about online reputation and obviously not here for a long-term quality service. Let’s suggest they never showed up, so what now? Imagine considering what it’ll cost you (in time, stress, and money) to take a day off of work, roll up your sleeves, and get the job done on your own with your friends and family’s help. It’s also very possible that once they leave your pick up location to get to your drop-off address they don’t arrive when expected to deliver your items. Responsible, licensed and insured moving companies will never let this happen. For instance, they’ll make sure that if a mover can’t make it on the day of your relocation, because of flu, Covid-19 or any other reason then another mover can be there so you don’t lose any money (or time) getting to your next destination.
  • Missing and damaged items: What would be another reason why that moving company provided a quote with significantly lower price than other movers? Lack of experience. They may not have the expertise necessary to handle your electronics, furnishings antiques, valuables, and especially fragile items — cause all of which require different types of care to ensure everything will be delivered in perfect condition. On top of putting your personal belongings at risk, this may also result in scrapes, scuffs, dents on the walls to the place you’re moving from or your new location or maybe both. Lack of experience may also mean that those cheap movers don’t have the proper security measures in place. Low-cost quote for your move also equals the point that cheap movers are never insured. If they don’t have the proper insurance in place that means that any damage to your belongings that they handle during your move may be your responsibility and not them.

Sounds Too Good to be True – May be the Turning Point When Hiring Cheap Movers

In order to avoid surprise or unanticipated add-on fees, make sure you’re taking a close look at professional moving companies rather than at terrific offers from too-good-to-be-true moving companies, with way lower than market average prices. Ask questions!

When comparing professional licensed and insured moving companies, you’ll be glad you checked out LA Moving Star to help you with your move. Call us today at 213-866-9988 to get your moving questions answered and get a quote you can rely on!

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