Moving to a new city or state and traveling with children presents predictable challenges that are easy to plan for and unforeseen issues worth keeping an eye on.

It comes from managing time wisely and planning properly to avoid unnecessary headaches. Moving to one of the world’s most populous cities and traveling with children presents both predictable challenges that are easy to plan for, and unforeseen issues that are worth foreseeing. Don’t be surprised. There’s nothing a mover loves more than seeing happy kids waving from the curb after a successful move.

  1. Start planning early: Give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare for the move. That would help to reduce stress and ensure that everything goes smoothly.
  2. Get the kids involved: Involve your children in the process by having them help with packing, sorting, and organizing their belongings.
  3. Make a list: Create an entire list of all the tasks that should be completed before, during, and after the move. This will help keep everyone on track and organized.
  4. Pack a “first night” bag: Pack a bag with essentials such as toiletries, pajamas, snacks, toys, books, etc., so that your children have everything they need for their first night in their new home.
  5. Label boxes: Label each box with its contents so that it’s much easier to unpack once you arrive at your new home.
  6. Take breaks: Moving can be exhausting for everyone involved so always take breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge.
  7. Have fun: Moving can be stressful but try to make it fun by playing games or listening to music while you work together as a family to get everything done.
  8. Visit the new neighborhood: Take some time before the move to explore your new neighborhood with your children so they can become familiar with it before moving day arrives.
  9. Set up a routine: Establishing a routine as soon as possible after moving will help your children adjust more quickly and easily to their new environment and surroundings
  10. Create a special space for them: Help your children feel at home in their new environment by setting up a special space just for them where they can relax and feel comfortable
  11. Stay positive: Try to stay positive throughout the entire process – this will help keep everyone’s spirits high during what can be an overwhelming experience
  12. Keep communication open: Talk openly with your children about any concerns or worries they may have about moving – that would allow them to feel much more secure in their new home
  13. Celebrate!: Once you’ve settled into your new home, celebrate with a special dinner or activity – this will help create positive memories of the move for everyone involved!
  14. Stay connected: Make sure to stay in touch with family and friends from your old home – this will help your children feel connected to their old life and make the transition easier
  15. Give yourself time: Moving can be a stressful experience so make sure to give yourself time to adjust and settle into your new home.Always keep in mind that professional local and long-distance movers from LA Moving Star make your children super comfortable and stress-free during the entire move too.

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00:00 18 May 23
It's my second time using this moving company. It was definitely worth it and will recommend to do it for my family. Andrew and Peter were so amazing and extremely efficient and hardworking! They were so focused and friendly. I'm glad that they helped me out as they disassemble and assemble my bedframe, dressers, and drawers. I am glad I packed everything in boxes in advance. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends! I would use them again in the future!
Malia TimsitMalia Timsit
00:45 11 May 23
Alex, Max, Gabi and Ara were our movers and I can’t say enough good things about them! They are so professional and you can tell they know what they are doing. They worked hard and fast and I would definitely use them again. Highly recommend!
Walter MoralesWalter Morales
19:54 21 May 22
This was our first time using a moving company and I WOW! I couldn't be more impressed. LA moving star was nothing short of professional, fast and helpful. Highly recommend them if you're moving and look forward to using them for our next move
Alana LoveAlana Love
21:51 18 May 22
I highly recommend LA star moving company! They did a fabulous job, they were on time, extremely professional and all-around an amazing job. I’ve been numerous times and this is the best most smoothest move I’ve had. I cannot thank LA Star moving company enough!Alex and his crew are amazing!
Melanie UllmannMelanie Ullmann
07:05 29 Mar 22
From booking my movers, to the end of the move, everything was perfect. I highly recommend LA Moving Star. I booked them once before a while back, and was happy. And once again, even with 2 new movers, everything was just as great! Roman and Ivan showed up on time, they were caring, kind, efficient, hard working, and got the job done with ease. Will definitely be booking this company whenever I move.
Ahmed ElgoharyAhmed Elgohary
21:01 16 Feb 22
Great company for moving, Roman and Ivan were very professional and friendly. They wrapped all my furniture very well and did a great job with the whole move. Also Sarah was great when I called in asking for a quote. I definitely recommend this business for your move.
Jason PhegleyJason Phegley
00:04 30 Sep 21
We had A LOT off stuff in our large 2 bedroom home in Mid City. These guys were awesome! Smoothest easiest moving experience I’ve ever had. They were in constant communication. Arrived right on time. They were true professionals and very nice guys. They were so quick it blew my mind we were in our new place FULLY in under 3 hours. Hard to believe. The great and fair pricing coupled with 5 star service makes them a no brainer for movers in LA. Highly recommended! Thank you Roman and Ivan!

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