All Licensed and Insured Moving companies are considered essential businesses in the state of California and therefore are able to operate during COVID-19 or any other pandemic. So we can still help with all your moving needs.

COVID update as Los Angeles works towards herd immunity

COVID-19 vaccines have been rolled out in Los Angeles and California overall but some health precautions are still in place for anyone needing to move home or office and we completely understand your concerns as we are together in this.

Moving companies worked tirelessly throughout the height of the pandemic as essential businesses and services in New York City and there are some protocols in place to help protect you. In this blog, we tried to find answers to all your questions regarding moving services in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area during the pandemic.

Moving companies and services Frequently asked questions during COVID-19 in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

1. Are moving companies still required to meet federal and state health guidelines related to the CoronaVirus also called COVID-19?

That’s correct, all licensed and insured moving companies in Los Angeles Metropolitan area are required to meet CDC and California State health requirements in fulfilling their essential business function under the category of “storage” and “logistics”.

Moving companies must have COVID-19 related precautions in place.

2. Landlords, building managers allow movers and moving companies to enter properties without any extra permits?

Yes, there should be no health-related restrictions on a property for all licensed and insured moving companies. As with any other move please check with your old and new building management team Certificate of Insurance requirements that might be needed in order to enter your premises. And of course if you gonna have your service elevator reserved for the movers that would be an extra bonus.

3. Are LA Moving Star moving crews tested for CoronaVirus (COVID-19) and is it safe for them to help with my move?

At LA Moving Star we continuously run daily monitoring and health checks with all our movers associated with any CoronaVirus (COVID-19) symptoms. Our movers clearly understand and accept sense of responsibility to the community, all our movers do not take any sort of risks to public health, colleagues, family and friends.

If for whatever reason a movers shows or expresses any sort of symptoms of CoronaVirus (COVID-19) immediately that mover would be advised to stay home and monitor all the symptoms until fully recovered. Movers neither allowed to get back to work nor booked for any specific move unless they have a negative covid test that was taken two weeks after stay at home order since being diagnosed with Covid-19.

At all times our moving experts should wear gloves and face masks throughout your entire move, they also use hand sanitizer after every move. Per your request a mover can wear two masks at the same time and you can request wearing shoe covers during the move however that should be requested 48hrs prior to the move start. Please call us at 213-866-9988 to make that inquiry added into your move.

4. Am I allowed to ask my movers whether they have been vaccinated?

If you would like you or your building management can always ask the moving crew on their vaccination status, our movers would provide their vaccine cards per your request. We truly appreciate if our movers privacy is respected accordingly and none of the vaccine cards photos are taken. Movers are not obligated to disclose any health information under federal law (HIPAA).

You can find more information relating to HIPAA and Covid-19 by visiting the link below:

5. What is LA Moving Star doing in order to protect the community, their customers, and their staff against all the risks of CoronaVirus (COVID-19)?

There was a world before March 2020 and after, little has changed for LA Moving Star in terms of steps we are taking to fight back COVID-19. Now even in September 2022 we do not stop taking the following precautions to protect all the clients and our team members:

  • We continuously handle commercial sanitization of all of our trucks and moving equipment per the move completion and trucks arrival back on the base.
  • We assure that all of our movers equipped with brand new masks, disposable gloves and hospital-grade hand sanitizer for each and every move.
  • We communicate weekly with Movers and Foreman on all COVID-19 updates if any, emphasizing an individual approach to every client on that matter.
  • We monitore our team members daily for any possible symptoms including and not limited to temperature checks prior to the shift start. If a mover is showing possible symptoms during their shift, they and their crew are immediately sent to COVID-19 testing site and then home until the results of that COVID-19 test are received and they cannot get back to work until the Negative COVID-19 test results are provided and being on quarantine for at least 2 weeks at home starting from the date of being positively tested for COVID-19.

6. How many movers can be present during my move with current state of COVID-19?

As of right now on the size of your move a minimum of 2 or 3 movers would arrive to complete your move and there’s no limit on maximum number. Our movers are trained and focused on delivering 3 S’s major components: Safety, Speed and Satisfaction to every clients move.

LA Moving Star always trying to protect the clients, our community and our staff through increased sanitization of all trucks and moving equipment we possess and use daily.

7. Can I request a contactless or also known as contact-free move?

A contact-free or contactless move is implemented with minimal human interactions during the physical process of your move.

With contact-free moving, there is minimal or no human interactions between the client and a moving crew while our movers is at your current or new home address. We stopped conducting an onsite estimate and do virtual estimates instead using all the modern tools, infrastructure. In case you cannot be physically present during the move will still need an authorized representative of yours to unlock and lock up your buildings during the moving process..

Either you or the person you assigned as your authorized representative would still need to review the items you listed in an inventory list prior to your items being loaded or unloaded.

8 characteristics of a contactless move:

  • No onsite estimate only a virtual home estimates with a video walk-through of your home through Zoom or Facetime.
  • No handshaking during the entire move
  • 6 ft distancing between all the humans involved in moving process
  • You do not have to be present during the entire move as long as you assigned someone to be there as an authorized person that you communicated to our moving experts 48hrs prior to your move start and allowed your movers into the pick up and drop off location facility. That authorized person should also review the itemized inventory list before your items are loaded or unloaded into your new home.
  • Paperless agreements – no pens needed to sign BOL/contacts, electronic contracts, and payments if debit/credit card used.
  • Phone calls and texting with your moving foreman during the entire move if you are in another room or had to leave your premises during the move in order to practice social distancing.
  • Movers should be wearing masks, gloves along with practicing social distancing at all times, not to mention hand sanitization
  • Moving trucks sanitized, cleaned after every customer move

For more advice on how to stay healthy during this period review the latest CDC guidelines here.

8. Do I have to disinfect my belongings before and after my move day?

We strongly encourage that if possible you should wipe down all hard surfaces of your wooden furniture and try to spray all soft surfaces with disinfectant spray in order to protect first and foremost yourself and of course your movers during your moving day. That would be significantly more important if you had a positive COVID test results, or you were in contact with someone who tested positive within the last week or two.

9. Are LA Moving Star’s wardrobe boxes clean and safe to use during COVID?

Yes, our wardrobe boxes are sterilized, cleaned, sanitized after every customer with commercial grade disinfectants so those would be safe for use for the next customer. Because your safety is extremely important to us.

10. Does LA Moving Star comply with federal and state COVID-19 Regulations?

Yes, LA Moving Star is always actively monitoring and adopting state, federal COVID laws, mandates to protect our customers, movers and of course our community.

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