Valuation Options

Every time you would move with LA Moving Star you will be asked to choose the level of protection you want assigned to your belongings. We are always motivated to educate our clients as much as possible prior to their move acknowledging the importance of making this process completely transparent.

As a licensed, insured and professional moving company, LA Moving Star offers multiple options to protect your goods. The following summary describes the three types of your protection level choices:

  1. Carrier’s liability protection: Included in LA Moving Star moving rate by default also known as basic coverage. At $.60 per pound per article ensures recovery at $.60 multiplied by the weight of the item. There are no additional costs associated with this option as it provides the minimal protection and your belongings may worth considerably more.
  2. Actual Cash Value protection: ensures recovery at the actual cash value(fair market price) of your damaged or lost items, up to the total value you declare. It ensures recovery at the depreciated amount of the item. LA Moving Star may charge for actual cash value protection and will also state the rate on the Agreement.
  3. Full value protection: ensures recovery at the full value (meaning replacement value) of your belongings. LA Moving Star has the right to offer deductible in combination with full value protection. You will be responsible for deductibles unless LA Moving Star loses your item during the move. LA Moving Star may charge for full value protection and we will state the rate on the Agreement.

Liability for Valuables.

Goods of extraordinary value, such as: art objects, gold/silver/platinum articles, antiques etc, must be separately described on the inventory and a value declared for each of them. Make sure to list the goods by description/value on the shipping document. LA Moving Star suggests not to ship jewelry, money, important papers (meaning stocks, bonds, obligations) or any other valuable personal articles. Simply keep such things out of the reach of kids, pets and take them with you.