LA Moving Star offers full moving services and storage solutions. We always thrive to simplify your move and making it stress-free process is our mission. For that reason at LA Moving Star we offer partial and full packing solutions. Whether you want us to pack up just a kitchen or entire house we have packages available to fit all your needs and even more.

Our Basic packing option would start at just $100 and would vary depending on the size of your move and whether you’ll need partial or full packing help.

We have 3 options for your packing needs:

  • Standard packing. It comes at no additional cost to you when booking moving with LA Moving Star. This option includes: 3 wardrobe box rentals, pads for all your furniture, unlimited stretch film and tape in order to help with any minor packing. In standard option we will help you to secure and wrap all your artworks, photos and furniture. Note: Standard option doesn’t include any extra boxes and packing materials you may need during the move, hence we would recommend you to consider our partial or full packing options in case you will need extensive packing assistance or supplies.
  • Partial packing. This option would be the most convenient for customers that may want to have a few extra hands packing part of the house not entirely. Two options available: “everything but the kitchen“ or “kitchen only package” and we will provide all of the supplies that may be possibly needed for our movers to assist you with packing the preferred part of your house. Partial packing starts at $100 and would fluctuate depending on the size of your home.
  • Full Packing. Best option for anyone who would not want to deal with any sort of packing stress in any shape and form. Full packing option starts at $200 and will include all of the materials needed to take care of your house.