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3 countries where people move the most
There are 3 major factors associated with the mobility and the higher those are, the more movement is within that given country, these are the factors: wealth, urbanization, literacy. But there’s still a great point that’s not clear enough, why mobility is so much greater in one countries notwithstanding that they are located next to each other and almost 0 mobility in others. For instance: South Koreans are twice as likely to move within 5 years than Japanese as well as Argentinians comparing to Brazilians.
So, here’s the likelihood (in %) of residents moving within 5 years and the 3 most mobile countries in the world:
1.New Zealand 54.7%
2.South Korea 52.8%
3.United States of America 45.9%
Whatever it is always follow your dream and find the place on this globe to make it happen.
LA Moving Star would want to make the USA #1.

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