What if the company overpromises you?
For the vast majority of people the truth is that moving process is a fairly uncommon event, hence you are most probably not gonna see that company and won’t be a returning customer any time soon and a lot of shady companies already know that. And in case you are completely unhappy with the work they done there are high chances you will be living in another county/city/state with slightly or completely different laws which would make it even harder to sort the things out with your moving company. LA Moving Star would want you to combat this by being prepared and having realistic expectations. And simply look for a moving company that’s telling you what is possible and not telling you what you would want to hear. Ask us as many open ended questions as you possibly can with “why”, “where”, “when”, “what for”. At LA Moving Star we know that every single move we make is very individual and special that’s why we treat each client differently depending on his needs, goals, values, timing. Think moving, Think LA Moving Star.

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