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Future Neighborhood

What neighborhood to choose for your next move in Los Angeles
LA is a cluster of many relatively small towns in one huge metropolitan area. Whether you are a long-time resident or completely new to Los Angeles it is important to get around and explore different neighborhoods, especially when your lease is gonna end shortly and you can’t wait to move into new neighborhood. Here’s the list of pros and cons of some major neighborhoods.
We would start with The Valley that’s where LA Moving Star was born (to be specific in North Hollywood)????

The Valley
It would include San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, Reseda, North Hollywood, Burbank, some part of Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake.
Pros: great for families with kids, relaxed in terms of night noise, parking areas everywhere, suburban feel, lots of restaurants, retail stores, convenient commute for film industry people working in Burbank.
Cons: especially in the summer it gets extraordinary hot, at least 10 degrees hotter than the flats, overall feeling that you are a bit detached from the rest of Los Angeles because of the Hollywood Hills that separate The Valley from the LA basin.

Pros: exceptionally charming arts neighborhood of canals and boardwalks, next to the beach, with an obvious sense of history and community, surrounded with restaurants and bars.
Cons: crime level is relatively high especially after the sunset, rent price is high for the square footage you pay, if you work anywhere in the valley it could be a longish trip for you.

West Hollywood
Pros: close to multiple neighborhoods such as: Westwood, Beverly Hills, Miracle Mile, Hollywood, East Hollywood, Laurel Canyon and The Valley, packed with many restaurants and retail stores, navigate it by foot and bicycle at ease, with bike paths throughout the area.
Cons: horrible parking and getting a permit might be the only option for, some parts are extremely loud during the night hours, apartment complexes have paper-thin walls and tightly clustered.

Pros: feels a bit like Manhattan, exciting arts areas scattered around the area, much of Downtown is accessible on foot.
Cons: it can get a bit shady and potentially dangerous at night.

Beverly Hills
Pros: CleanCleanClean, excellent schools, good for both walking and pedestrians, parking is not a big deal here you can always find one and two hour parking or even free; parking is generally very easy, except in the retail center; extremely safe, highly regarded neighborhood.
Cons: extremely safe = Extremely expensive, you’re not just paying for housing, but also for the zip code, that’s why your kid will go to one of the best schools in Los Angeles, traffic and parking can be horrible around the shopping malls.

Santa Monica
Pros: next to the beach, fairly close to Malibu beaches, lots of retail stores, great for walking, excellent schools in the area, considered as suited to singles as to families but maybe a bit better for singles because of high concentration of bars, night life.
Cons: worst traffic you can possibly imagine, can be too loud at times because of the active nightlife scene.

Pros: charming bungalows, abundance of LA history, great old houses by Los Angeles standards, relatively central and plenty of restaurants, nightlife.
Cons: crime, drugs can be an issue during the night hours, rush hour can happen during the day and night, “101 freeway” is the only option which is known as one of the most sluggish freeways in LA.

Pros: really family-oriented neighborhood that’s why it is well-kept, beautiful and considered having one of the best schools in LA Metropolitan area, parking pretty much always at your disposal, you can easily bike from here to Santa Monica Pier within 20mins top.
Cons: this area can get too boring for singles as there is not much going on in terms of restaurants, night life and retail stores, Brentwood marketplace might be the major attraction for you, don’t forget this is one of the most expensive residential areas in Los Angeles.

Pros: very well kept and clean, perfect for taking walks, next door to Brentwood, UCLA, Interstate 405 and the beaches, outstanding school area.
Cons: StudentsStudentsStudents – literally EVERYWHERE, so this isn’t the most exciting area to live in as a single, parking is another concern you may deal with on the daily basis.

Culver City/West LA
Pros: steadily turning into the funniest area for nightlife, restaurants, bars in Los Angeles, great public schools, has been always good for families and these days increasingly good for singles.
Cons: terrible traffic especially if you are next to the south end, some parts of the West LA feel way too industrial.

Manhattan Beach
Pros: literally across the street from LAX airport and Pacific Ocean, really family-oriented, small-town feeling, perfect for outdoorsy lifestyle people with great opportunity to bike easily around the neighborhood.
Cons: traffic is bad because of LAX airport and especially bad during the summer tourist season, at first glance might not seem expensive but in face it is.

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