Labor Only

Do you own a truck and would want to save a bit? But don’t have enough hands and professional help for you move? No problem we have a solution at LA Moving Star. We can easily assemble or disassemble your furniture, load and unload your truck or maybe you just need extra in re-arranging your heavy furniture at your house. You may sometimes underestimate how time-consuming and exhausting could be different moving aspects, so hire professional movers that would help you to save time and energy guaranteed.

Our team will arrive will blankets, shrink wrap, tools, dollies, hand trucks, tape and all other items that would be necessary for quality move. Another major advantage of hiring LA Moving Star professional movers is that we know how to handle any sort of bulky furniture pieces in narrow, tiny, tight turns and hallways. We will guarantee that all of your items are relocated in one piece and not damaged, without a single scratch.

So call us now and get your professional help at the most competitive rate. You deserve it!