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Labeling Boxes

You would want to label boxes on your own and wondering how to label it like a pro? These are your Top 3 options

So, you finally moved into your new house and very excited about that but you are on the brink of tears, struggling to find your own belongings in a huge pile of “anonymous” boxes. Do you think that you are ready for such a scenario? We don’t think so. Simply label your moving boxes as you go. By using an easy-to-comprehend code system for describing what’s in the box and where it should be going to, you will 100% save yourself a lot of hassle when trying to identify a particular item later.
Clearly labelled boxes will be unloaded and moved in their right place in your new place.

These are your 3 Top Options:
1. Labels by room: Ensure taping exactly the same label on each side of the box, even on top.
2. Priority code labels: Label a box with “L” for low, “M medium, “H” high.
3. Color code labels: Write “Living room” with a green pen, “Bedroom” orange etc, to make sure that movers will unload each box in its designated place.

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