Insurance should always be among your highest priorities during the moving process.  At LA Moving Star we want our customers to understand the importance of insurance in the same way that you get health insurance, auto insurance, this is exactly where moving insurance can help you sleep very well at night until every single item is safely delivered, in its proper place and conditions.

Valuation protection for goods which is provided by moving companies is not full-coverage insurance. All licensed moving companies include only basic valuation in the cost of a move, in California it equals to $.60 per pound per item.

Valuation determination is fully based on how much an item weighs, there’s no difference whether it is a hockey table or a table made of pure silver with jewelry pieces both are valued exactly the same at $.60 in California. Reimbursement example with free coverage of $.60 per pound would be the following: if 100 pounds refrigerator is damaged during the move you will get $60 in reimbursement, the number $60 came by multiplying 100pound fridge weight and $.60 per pound free coverage.

You may need to purchase additional valuation in case an item is worth more than $.60 per pound.

When do you need a Certificate of Insurance?
You would probably need a Certificate of Insurance in the following scenarios: apartment or condominium building, moving to and/or from an office. We highly recommend checking with your building manager whether a certificate is required or not before starting your moving process. Please call us at (213) 298-1599 if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help 24/7.

LA Moving Star is licensed by the California Public Utility Commission. In order to obtain the li-cense the following should be provided: safety and financial fitness, proof of valid/effective insur-ance, criminal background check by the California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.