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Moving Checklist

Complete moving checklist

At LA Moving Star we truly believe that planning matters a lot, especially with moving process which can be really overwhelming but when you break it down into the daily to-do lists it changes the whole story. Follow our daily guide below to make your move stress free as 1–2–3:

10 days before Move – Checklist
• Back up all computers onto the external hard drive, cloud storage.
• Donate items that would not be used after your move.
• Current home utilities must be turned off.
• Follow-up one last time with LA Moving Star to reconfirm or make any changes to your move. Verify the moving-day arrival time, phone # on file.
• Withdraw enough cash to tip the movers and to get through move day.
• Would be helpful to hire a cleaning company that could come right after the movers leave your place and do a quick clean for the new owners.
• Take a picture/video and celebrate all the memories you’ve made in your house.

20 days before Move – Checklist
• Contact and make address change with the list of businesses, services online and offline that you have been using at your current home address.
• Fill out an official form with the U.S. Post Office on change of address.
• Additional confirmation doesn’t hurt, just contact LA Moving Star and verify all paperwork, assure that the proper insurance plan has been selected to cover your items, per your need.
• Take a few days off at your job around your moving dates and hire a babysitter for the same moving period if needed.

30 days before Move – Checklist
• Make a moving announcement to your friends, family members that you are moving by simply sending them an email, text message, calling.
• Research and consider extra insurance coverage you may want to get for your move. Ask prospective moving companies as many questions as you have concerning insurance included into your move, what’s covered what not.
• Get quotes in writing from at least five licensed moving companies.

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