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We won’t move these three

We can move anything and everything you have! Are you serious?
First and foremost for safety reasons, Federal laws prohibits moving companies (not trucking) from transporting any hazardous materials that would include: paint, propane, any sort of flammable items, paint, plants/animals, poisonous materials, cleaners such as aerosols, bleach, detergents, air fresheners, ammonia. Which simply means that your moving company is not allowed to move all sort of items that you may want to load the truck with, which also includes items that contain gas such as lawnmowers and grills. And its completely up to you to find out what you personally must be responsible for while moving to your destination so there would not be any surprise on your important moving day.

We won’t move these 3:
Hazardous materials
Keep in mind to always double check and ask about the moving company’s insurance policy. In 99.9% of the cases it does not cover hazardous materials, movers as a matter of fact don’t know how to handle the property. Especially pay more attention if the moving company claims being able to relocate one of the following: explosives, old fireworks, opened cans of paint or any sort of material that might spill on the way and potentially fire hazard. None of the listed above materials moving company can legally transport in USA. LA Moving Star team highly recommends you to stay a responsible person and always dispose all the dangerous materials that you used in your previous property prior to moving out from there. Since that might not be the best idea to just simply throw those materials into the garbage, you would better contact local management company or council for information on how to recycle your hazardous items.

A lot of times animals can become one of the biggest issues for their owners and regular moving companies, especially if it is a long-distance move and someone should take responsibility over the loved pets. If you don’t really care and heartless enough to stack your dog, cat, parrot cage along with the rest of the boxes, furniture etc, don’t worry LA Moving Star as well as other licensed moving companies will decline on that wish. Moving companies will not let your pet being present on the front seat of the van, nor will LA Moving Star let you sit either for the safety reasons. Thus, make sure you have transportation for yourself and family that would include your pets.

Food items won’t be allowed under no circumstances with long-distance moving because of 2 major reasons:
1. Food will not keep that long.
2. Food can attract insects and pests might damage your items.
Perishables include: opened food products, frozen food, refrigerated food, produce.

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