We are doing everything possible in order to completely eliminate the surprise factor on your move day as that would be the number 1 reason Californians are hesitant to move that’s why all our quotes are calculated in either guaranteed all-inclusive hourly rate pricing system for local moves where the distance between the pick up and drop off is less than 100miles or guaranteed flat rate for the entire move in case you have a long-distance move where the pickup and drop off location would be over 100miles apart from one another, this quote is not based on weight, which can easily be abused by unscrupulous movers.

That’s why we do everything possible to be as transparent and honest with you as possible and the same we need from you because both all-inclusive hourly estimates and flat rate for the entire move are based on the list of items, description you provide us during the booking process, so please be as straightforward with us as possible that would help us to provide you the most accurate quote.